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Site Rules

Post by Carden on Fri Jul 31, 2015 7:03 am

So, we’d like to start by welcoming you Die Alone or Remembered, and we hope that you enjoy your stay here. This is probably one of the more free form and general guideline designed boards around, and we try to give you as much freedom as possible. However, there are, and always will be rules which need to be read and understood, and this thread will serve as an index that will hopefully help you understand everything about the systems we use on this site. Firstly, the basic ground rules, which, if you have been on RPGs before, are more than likely well acquainted with already.

Respect :: You are to respect other members and staff members on the site. We do not ask you to be best friends with everyone, but you can make the choice to tolerate other members. So keep it civil around the site, try to talk things out if there is an issue. If you didn't succeed in talking an issue out with another member, consult a staff member about it and they'll try their best to help you with it.

Staff Bothering :: Refrain from continuously bothering the staff about things like grading your profile on the site or messenger services. It's rude, and we try our best to get work done on the site. Remember, the staff are also people with lives of their own.

Harassment :: Refrain from discrimination at all times. The word speaks for itself, don't be sexist, racist or simply demeaning to your fellow members or staff members. This is one of the more serious offenses so please pay attention to your words. We do realize jokes will be made about these subjects, but we ask you to be respectful when someone feels hurt over a joke.

Flaming & Being Rude :: Flaming and spamming is naturally not allowed and will be punished. If you want to make a point it's a lot more effective to give a valid argument rather then starting to insult people or senselessly spam them.

Advertisement :: Don't post your advertising content in any other board then the advertisement board, it's simple.

Explicit Content :: Explicit content is simply not allowed as stated in the Forumotion Site Rules. This does not only include pictures and videos, but also text. This means no porn or hentai. Regardless of censor or not. Any adult content will be removed immediately. A picture that shows a little bit more then usual is fine, but true blown out Nudity is a No no.

Language :: Keep text-speak to a minimum, it's a role-playing site, if you don't know proper English you might be in the wrong place. Vulgar language is allowed, long as you don't spam it. The Administrator of the Site see's all of them as just words, and despite society labeling them as 'Vulgar' doesn't see how in the world a word is any more vulgar then another word is.

Characters :: You may have as many characters as you can keep active on the board at a time, following the below activity rules as per usual requirement on the board itself.

Permanent Damage :: No one may permanently maul, maim, harm, or kill anyone else's character- without the players permission. This does not count for NPC, they are fair game even if the Staff member says you can't- they aren't allowed to, NPC are completely open to maiming, death, ect. as long as they are in a thread. (Note: this doesn't mean stronger NPC's won't come save them if the staff member wills it. Be realistic, don't abuse it.)

Activity :: You are Required to Post on each Character at least once Every 2 Weeks, in a thread if a Character does not Post every 24 Hours they are allowed to be skipped. After 2 Weeks the characters that have not posted are subject to being archived. The way to avoid this if your on a Trip is to simply post your on a trip in the Introduction and Goodbyes area of the Forum.

Roleplay :: Before you start role-playing you need to have an approved profile so you have an actual character to role-play with. This also shows us you are capable and won't disturb fellow members with a lack of knowledge.

Faceclaims :: All faceclaims are to be Real Life People, Not anime based.

Perfect Characters :: Do not make Gary Stus and Mary Sues, perfect people. We're all human and although we offer a wide variety of races, none are to be perfect beings. Everything has a flaw and a weakness, make sure to state that in your profile.

Other Profiles :: Do not post in another members profile when you're not staff, we understand you'd like to help, but we can handle it, trust us.

Liquid Time :: Our Forum is what is known as Liquid-Time, characters are able to be in as many threads as you can keep up with, however it would be awesome if you could keep their story intact while doing so.

God Modding: God Modding is not allowed, it's a term used in role-play to describe it when someone says another character performs an action or is automatically damaged.

Meta Gaming :: Meta gaming is a term used for when a character claims to know something he couldn't possibly know, this is of course also forbidden.

Member Angers :: Personal matters are not to be taken in consideration in a role-play. Although we understand you can't entirely obey to this rule, we are mild with it and plead you to at least try to keep the peace between you and your fellow members.

Chat-Box :: First and foremost, the Cbox is a privilege not a necessity. The Cbox can be removed at any time, for any reason if you guys decide to abuse the cbox. It is a paid cbox which means that in any event a mod sees fit, you can get banned. There are several rules for the regular site cbox that are shown on the side of the cbox and they do in fact apply to anyone. A lot of people want to argue about how the rules don't apply to staff, but they do as well. No one should be above it, regardless of stature.

Posting Requirement :: As seen in the Welcome we are a Above Average to Expert Level Roleplay Forum, all posts must be at least 150 Words, preferably of Above Average Quality but we understand sometimes Quality takes time and patience to learn to type. =)(This post amount is subject to change depending on the job you are in but in everything else this amount stands)

Picture Sizes :: Please do not post any Images Beyond the 600 Pixel Width. Height isn't that big a deal Except on Signatures, but on general images Height is not a problem. For Signatures the limit is a 500 Pixel Height and 600 Pixel Width.

Sexual Orientation This is Not Included on the Character applications for a reason. It doesn't matter, is the reason. There is no rule on this, no limitation. As long as you are remaining R rated, as forumotion demands you may roleplay any sexuality you wish, anyone found harassing others or hating on others for their own sexual orientation or their characters will suffer the consequences of the One Warning System. If they do it again they will be in for much more serious consequences. Be mature please people.

~Loopholes :: If you find any loopholes in the rules or anything you are to tell them to a staff member so that it can be fixed. If you do not and abuse this right you will be warned. If you then abuse a loophole again you will be temporarily banned.

When it comes down to actual Rule-Breaking, Firstly, Don't do it. Secondly if you do it anyway- Here is what will Happen. These steps are not 'Per day' they are period, every member's warning will be placed on their profile the moment they get it so there is no hiding it from staff.

~ Warning, Slap on the Wrist.
~ One Day Forum Ban, Three Day Chatbox Ban.
~ One Week Forum Ban, One Month Chatbox Ban.
~ Permanent Ban from Forum and Chatbox. Don't like it, Politely Email a Staff Member and Maturely Explain why you think you should be allowed back on our forum- don't Email us Raging because that will just get you completely ignored and your emails switched to spam.

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