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Numair [wip]

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Numair [wip]

Post by Numair on Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:02 pm

You've been here before, along the civil war. I'll wait religiously. Don't forget that you came here with me.
Numair [Na-ma-eer]
male 21 human kingdom orphan mercenary

When one hears Mercenary, they imagine broad shoulders, muscles and a deep voice. Numair however, lacks all of them. He has a small figure, standing at 167 cm. and weighing 57 kg. Muscles on him are scarce. They're there, but they're not the most noticeable thing about him. His skin is normally pale, but working under the sun for the majority of his days, he has acquired a light tan. He has a round face with rather small features. His hair is a dark brown mess most of the time, unless he decides to actually brush it (which he does almost never). The thing that most people notice first though, is his eyes. They're black in color, almond shaped, monolid eyes, a trait rarely seen around the world.  

Numair is not someone who likes to deal with clothing. If he could go without it, he would. However, he can't, so he does whatever is in his power to make it more bearable. He prefers loose and baggy clothing above all, anything that won't restrict him. Heavy clothing is out of the question; he only adds a layer on his upper body if the temperature is too low to endure. The bad side to this caprice of his is the lack of armor. He wears no armor at all, and even though said fact has ruined his body with several scars, he still refuses to wear any armor, saying that it will bring more harm to him than protection since it will restrict him. Also, he chooses earthly tones, so as to blend in and not stand out more than he already does, and he keeps his spear in hand most of the time, even though he has a sheath to put it in (but seeing as the sheath itself requires tying leather straps over his shoulder and around his waist to actually stay in place, he just refuses to equip it for the reasons above).


LIKES. his spear - being naked - large bodies of water - truthful people - the sun - quiet places

DISLIKES. people touching his neck - close combat - being restricted - nicknames - oranges

FEARS. unstableness - cages - dying with regrets

MOTIVATIONS. be of use to the people he deems worthy and honorable - find his sister

Numair is, above all, adaptable. It's a trait he slowly developed throughout his life as an orphan. He accepts things he has to accept (even if they go against his beliefs), and will keep a low profile if that is what he needs to do to survive. There is not much pride in him, so it's not difficult to bow to people he doesn't like. The little pride he has only kicks in if he gets a chance to be the upper hand without getting any sort of punishment for it. He is overall a modest and quiet person to the people who don't know him all that well.

To those he makes himself familiar with however, the expression of affection is stronger. He is loyal to those he finds admirable and worthy. Caring and protective, he puts himself in front of others -almost out of instinct- and does not ask for anything back. He sees himself as a shield more than anything else, and when people actually fully turn their attention towards him, he gets tense and changes the subject or flees.

Due to his somewhat defensive personality, he's not one to start quarrels, or keep them going for that matter. He doesn't hold grudges, unless it was someone he cared deeply about that was offended/hurt. He can take insults, harsh jokes, basically anything as long as they're thrown at him and not anyone else he views as important.

Although he might seem the kind to help all who are innocent and fragile, he's not that at all. He won't help someone getting robbed in the middle of the night, and he won't help a starving child on the streets. Not unless either of them make a good impression on him. He has learnt throughout his life that, to survive, one needs to keep to themselves rather than throw away all they have to whatever random stranger who is in need of them.


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